1. When will I be able to download the template(s) that I have purchased?

As soon as you have purchased the files from our website, you will receive a link on the page to download your files. These will also be emailed to the email address provided when purchasing the files.

2. Is the use of your templates restricted to any predetermined period?

No – there is no time limit on the use of the document. Once you have received the document you are free to use the document indefinitely. The templates are however restricted to be used by the purchaser only and may not be redistributed. You can use it on as many PC’s as you would like to. Please refer to the website Terms & Conditions.

3. Are there any annual charges applicable to the use of the templates?

No – the payment is made up front and there are no further charges applicable. It is a once off cost to the purchaser

4. Do you release annual updates of your templates?

No – we do not release annual updates. We may from time to time make adjustments or improvement to the templates.In the case where there are certain variables that are subject to change from time-to-time, the spreadsheet has been designed in such a way as to allow the purchaser / customer to make these changes and the guidance notes guide the user on how to do this.

5. Do you provide training or courses on the templates?

For the most part the templates are simple enough to use without any training required. Certain templates include guidance notes to assist the user. There are also short explanatory videos available for certain templates by following the link on the page to assist the user. You only need basic Excel skills in order to use our templates.

6. Do you provide after sales support if I have any questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question on this page we would be more than happy to answer your query and endeavour to respond within 3 days.

7. Are the full versions of your templates protected in any way? Will I be able to make changes to the templates?

For the most part the templates are not protected and the user is free to make changes. The excel templates are password protected in order to prevent the user from deleting or amending formulas which would cause mistakes. These protected formulas run out of view of the user in the background and will not affect the ability of the purchaser to use the templates.We also protect our templates for legal & copyright purposes to protect our business.

8. Can you provide me with the password to unprotect the template instructions sheet?

No – passwords are not available. If you have any suggested changes we would be happy to hear from you and if appropriate we will make the changes to the template and resend your template (with the protection reinstated)

9. Do any of the Excel templates contain macros?

No – not at this stage

10. Are your templates compatible with all spreadsheet applications?

Our templates are made to be used with Microsoft Excel. We only use the built-in features of Microsoft Excel in the design of our templates.

11. Which payment options are available?

At this stage we are offering payment via credit card and and online EFT option via Payfast. Templates that are purchased by debit or credit card will be emailed to the purchaser immediately after completing the payment process.

12. Can you please send me your banking details? I want to pay via electronic transfer.

Unfortunately this is not an option at this stage

13. How do I know that my personal details and credit card information are safe and secure?

All the personal information that is entered during the shopping cart checkout process on our website are protected through SSL encryption. You can verify our security certificate by double clicking the padlock in your internet browser while you are visiting the secure pages of our website (the padlock is located next to the title bar at the top of the browser window or the status bar at the bottom of the browser window depending on the type of browser and version that you are using).

Credit & debit card transactions can be processed through a secure payment interface that is provided by Nedbank. All the card information that is entered on the payment pages of our website is secured through advanced SSL encryption. The private information that is required for executing the orders that are placed through the e-commerce facility, namely the customer’s personal information, e-mail address and telephone number are kept in the strictest confidence and will under no circumstances be made known to any third party. Card details are not accessible by anyone aside from the customer who enters the details and the financial system through which transactions need to be authorised – your credit card details will never be visible to anyone in our employment at any stage during the payment process.