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Start your property investment business or property investment club the right way. Make use of our start-up templates that you can download in Excel, Word or PDF formats. All our templates have free sample downloads, and select editable templates can be downloaded for free.

The Business Plan

A sound business plan is the cornerstone of any startup. Use the business template to guide your setup through the important aspects of starting a business, and ensure your structure is solid.

The Shareholders Agreement

The agreement between you and your partners is vitally important. The shareholders agreement template is custom made for private companies, which relate to to factors that are important to your business relationships.

The Share Certificate

The share certificate template is a ready-to-go editable document that can be used over and over again. Record the formal issue of shares in the company, an important requirement that is sometimes overlooked when making changes to shareholding in your company.

The Administrative Structure

The administrative structure is a guide to keeping your house in order. This document considers the typical day to day dealings that you can expect to encounter, but mostly get pushed aside for later. The best time to get your filing in order, is right from the start.

The Meeting Minutes

This Word template is a well structured set of minutes pre-populated with general topics for discussion with respect to investment property, with a focus on the start-up business / investment club.

The Agenda & Notice of Meeting

The Agenda and Notice of Meeting template lays out the general topics and touch points for discussion at your meetings with your business partners.

The Directors Resolution

This document that is required surprisingly a lot by formal institutions. Use this template to record formal decisions agreed to by all parties.

The Company Letterhead

Make sure your undertaking looks the part by making use of a formal well composed letterhead. This Word document is fully editable.

The Roles and Responsibilities

The Roles & Responsibilities Excel template assists you with a proposed structure for allocating the different tasks to individuals in your company. This template will help to ensure that all required duties are considered and clarity provided with execution of tasks.


Review the indicators that experienced investors use to make informed decisions. Track your investments like a pro and grow your portfolio strategically. Download our property investment templates for property investment and financing in Excel, Word and PDF formats. All our templates have free sample downloads, and select editable templates can be downloaded for free.

The Monthly Bond Repayment Table

Input the purchase price of your deal and calculate the monthly repayment at various interest rates.

The Bank Financing Proposal

Submit a professional and well though through financing proposal to the bank to ensure your request for finance is approved. A well motivated financing proposal will set you above the rest and show the banks you know what you are doing. It will also help secure you the best possible financing deal.

Property Analysis - Expense Tracking

Keep record of your properties annualised income and expenses. For success income properties, investors need to maximise rental and keep expenses low. The “Property Analysis – Expense Tracking” tool is very useful tool in order to compare the income and expenses optimised.

Investing Analysis & Performance Calculator

Track and analyse the financial performance of your property investment. Input the actual financial data and forecast future performance. The tool shows cash flow, loan paydown, yield, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return,

The Capital Growth Calculator

Works out the capital growth experienced on your property. Displays market values that are based on the capital growth percentages that are up to 5% more and up to 5% less than the calculated average annual capital growth percentage.

The Property Inspection Checklist (Guide)

Dont get caught out! Avoid bad deals and ensure you have done your due diligence on a property deal. This checklist lists all the items to look into before you make an offer to purchase.

The Buy to Flip Calculator

Buy-To-Flip Price Calculator works out the potential profit on a “Buy-Renovate-Sell” type investment. Use this tool before making an offer to asses whether the deal will be worthwhile and to ensure you dont offer the buyer too much for the property.

The Buy to Let Feasibility Calculator

“Buy-To-Let Feasibility Analysis” is a very useful tool that helps investors analyse a potenial deal in detail before making an offer. Analyse the feasability, calculate the financial requirements and predict the future performance of a potential investment. Adjust the various inputs that affect an investment and analyse their impact on cash flow and equity.

The Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator

Find out what an investment is worth right now in today’s terms. Determine the investment potential of a property over a given time period by including all future cashflows (income less expenses) and calculating this overall benefit / value in real terms today (discount rate using inflation).

Property Value Calculator

The Property Value Calculator is another useful tool to help you determine the amount you are willing to offer a seller and to ensure you are making smart investment decisions. Work out the price you are willing to pay for a property based on the net rental return you require from the investment.

The Comparative Market Analysis Template Guide

The Comparative Market Analysis tool keeps record of the property details and calculates the yield and price per m2 of deals you show interest in. Keep track of all properties and keep record of the property details to help you assess and compare the potential of a property deal.

Property Comparison - Expense Ratios

The Property Expense Ratio Template helps you assess the potential of a property investment and compares up to 20 properties. Determine Net Operating Income, analyse the property expenses and compare to similar properties to ensure the information used in your feasability study is acurate.


Screen and place the right tenant, cover yourself with a fair and professionally drafted lease agreement and manage the tenancy. It’s easy to do yourself! Our lease agreement template is one of our most popular downloads. Download all our templates in Excel, Word or PDF formats. All our templates have free sample downloads, and select editable templates can be downloaded for free.

Notice to Vacate Template

In terms of the rental act and as stipulated in the lease agreement the landlord is required to give notice of intention to terminate the lease agreement. Us this letter to ensure compliance and give notice professionally.

Invoice & Statement Template

This template provides you with a Pro-Forma Invoice, Invoice and Statement that can be used for your rental properties to keep your administration up to date.

Rental Deposit Calculator

It is a legal requirement to hold the deposit in an interest bearing bank account. The amount including interest (less expenses) is to be paid back to the tenant at the end of the lease. Use this template to keep track of the deposit and calculate the amount owing.

Tenant Lease Agreement Template

Every income-property investor will at some point need to make use of a lease agreement to resolve an issue with their tenants. Having a professionally drafted lease agreement is crucial. This agreement is fair to both parties and protects your rights as an investor. It is compliant with both the rental act and consumer protection act.

Tenant Application Form Template

Placement of the right tenant is critical to your success as residential property investor. Follow the right steps and use this professional tenant application form to improve your chances of placing a good tenant.

Tenant Screening Criteria Guide

Placement of the right tenant is critical to your success as residential property investor. Follow these steps to ensure you place the right tenant. We provide a sample PDF of one of three tabs in this comprehensive Excel template.

The Tenant Welcome Letter

Use this template to welcome a new tenant when they move in and ensure that all the important items are communicated when occupation starts.


Property bookkeeping and tax – definitely not the most exiting part of investing in property (be it for your property investors’ club or personal properties), but arguably one of the most important aspects to get right. Download our property bookkeeping and tax guides and templates to aid your endeavours. You can download our templates in Excel, Word and PDF formats. All our templates have free sample downloads, and select editable templates can be downloaded for free.

Property Income Tax Calculator

The Property Income Tax calculator allows the user to calculate the relevant property tax payable related to the current tax assessment period.

Property Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Calculator

Capital Gains Tax or CGT for short – considered a grudge tax, but a real one nontheless. Make sure you are aware of the implications by doing the calculation upfront by making use of our CGT calculator.

The Financial Statements Template & Guide

The Bookkeeping and Financial Statements Guide assists you by providing the user with a brief overview of the basic layouts of the Cashflow Statement, The Income Statement and the Balance Sheet with specific regard to your residential property venture.


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