We provide practical templates in Word, Excel and PDF to first time and seasoned property investors, custom made for Buy-to-Let and Buy-to-Flip South African residential property to make the process of investing in property simpler. There are no installations required, just click and download the template that you need.

Our Top Templates:

All Templates – Box Deal


Make the best of your buck by buying all of our templates included in this Box Deal, and save 50% on the regular price of these individual templates. This Box Deal includes all thirty-one (31) of our -practical and easy-to-use templates packaged in four (4) main categories:

  1. Start Your Business / Club – Nine (9) templates
  2. Investing & Financing – Twelve (12) templates
  3. Tenant Placement & Management – Seven (7) templates
  4. Tax & Bookkeeping – Three (3) templates

Tenant Lease Agreement for Sectional Title (Template)


Every income-property investor will at some point need to make use of a lease agreement to resolve an issue with their tenants. Having a professionally drafted lease agreement is crucial. This agreement is fair to both parties and protects your rights as an investor. It is compliant with both the rental act and consumer protection act.

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Buy-To-Let Feasibility Analysis (Calculator)


“Buy-To-Let Feasibility Analysis” is a very useful tool that helps investors analyse a potenial deal in detail before making an offer. Analyse the feasability, calculate the financial requirements and predict the future performance of a potential investment. Adjust the various inputs that affect an investment and analyse their impact on cash flow and equity.

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“The templates are intuitive and relevant. Brilliant, thanks!”
Barry Vorster - Entrepreneur and Investor

“The documents were laid out in a way that were simplistic and manageable to follow. I look forward to using the Property Templates to kick-start my venture into property investing, which is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but the problem is always making a start because of the…

“Clean, simple and easy to use”
- D K Rover, CEO DRQS

“Using these templates have made it easier making some tough decisions in my recent investment property purchase. Never get emotional with property is something that I have learned. Do the calculations – the numbers never lie, and more importantly, use the right tools for the job”